How much is it going to cost?

One of the most attractive features of a cruise is the price. Even more expensive cruises are a good value for the money. You can spend anywhere from £400 for a 3-night Bahamas cruise to £175,000 for a suite on a 105-day round the world cruise!

No matter how much you spend, you pay one price that covers virtually everything: meals, accommodations, taxes, on-board entertainment and in some cases, airfare! The only extras are shore excursions, liquor, tips and incidentals (photos, etc.).

Undoubtedly, a cruise is the most affordable way to travel. Compare a 7-night cruise to the Caribbean at around £1300 pp (including airfare) with a 7-night trip to Hawaii. In Hawaii, a hotel comparable to your cabin on the ship will be at least £200 per night (that's £1400 right there!), your airfare from most cities will be at least £800, and meals in Hawaii to rival that of the cruise ship will easily be £75 per day per person (another £525!). That is £1,925 per person compared to £1,300pp and we haven't even talked about entertainment!

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