Journalism in a pandemic: Covering COVID-19 now and in the future -- A self-directed course for journalists

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Produced in collaboration with the WHO, UNESCO and UNDP, this course -- created by the University of Texas-Austin and the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas -- helps journalists to improve their coverage of the pandemic. The course is offered in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish and is self-directed. (Chinese and Hindi self-directed versions are also in the works and will be posted here in the coming months.) The course is free and available to journalists who are interested in acquiring new knowledge and resources to improve your coverage and understanding of the pandemic.

The course was originally presented in May 2020 as a four-week virtual massive open online course (MOOC). Maryn McKenna, a former CNN reporter, created, curated, and presented the content for the course, which includes video classes, readings, exercises, and more.

The course materials are broken up into five modules:

Intro Module: Introduction to the course and the outline of topics

Module 1: Where did COVID-19 come from?

Module 2: Covering COVID-19 right now

Module 3: The hope for treatments and vaccines

Module 4: Coronavirus: The way forward

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