Still speaking up for travel

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Still speaking up for travel
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Blue banner Thu, 12/23/2021 - 16:24

As we approach the end of a second turbulent year for travel, we’ve continued to speak up for our sector this week. We have a Government which currently doesn’t seem to want to listen, but that won’t stop us making the case on your behalf.

While some parts of our industry will be eligible for the additional £100m announced by the Government on Tuesday for the Additional Restrictions Grant programme, it comes nowhere close to matching the financial support made available for hospitality. We’ve been making this point in media interviews this week, once again pressing the case both for industry-specific support and for pre-departure and PCR testing requirements to be lifted.

It’s important for the travel sector to speak with one voice on these issues wherever we can. This week, through the Save Future Travel Coalition, we have developed new social media assets which all 16 bodies in the coalition can use. They will help us present a united front to Government, giving consistent messages about what we need to see, whether in terms of lifting current restrictions or providing support to the sector with grants or help with loan repayments.

Government relations are important but so too is building consumer confidence. Next week, we launch our annual Travel with Confidence advertising campaign, which this year features both Members and customers speaking about why people should book with an ABTA Member.

My thanks to every Member who has contributed to this campaign. Last year we delivered 23 million opportunities for people to either hear about ABTA on the radio or to see our video on social media, and we’re aiming for similar numbers this year.

Although we all hope for a peaceful Christmas, we also know the acute pressure many ABTA Members are under. As the new year starts, we will be there alongside you to help make 2022 much better than 2020 and 2021.

Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive

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